Spradow - innovative measuring systems made in Germany

The Spradow Test Coupling enables you to connect a pressure gauge or other measuring instruments in seconds - even if the system is still under pressure. The connection can be applied without any further tools.
The non-return valve inside the test coupling opens only after being connected with the measuring instrument to allow a secure and clean pressure measurement.

Pressure is an important parameter for a successful preventing service and maintenance or, if neccessary, trouble-shooting.

With Spradow Test Couplings you can reduce your service and maintenance costs considerably.

The Spradow Test Box is the perfect tool for hydraulic systems offering service and maintenance engineers an easy mobile pressure test solution.

The complete Spradow test-equipment is ofcourse compatible with all other manufactures and fulfils all current important industrial standards.

Furthmore Spradow offers a comprehensive range of measuring and filling systems for inert gases.

You have individual measurement needs? Of course we can supply our Test Couplings, Test Connectors, etc. manufactured to your drawings or samples!



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  • 10.12.18
    New Product
    adjustable pressure gauge fitting.


  • 12.12.17
    donation to a social institution.


  • 31.08.16
    Product improvement

    new production for DN4.


  • 11.11.15
    Labeling of products
    Spradow infoletter 2015


  • 10.02.14
    New Product
    test coupling G1/4
    series S12x1,5
    made from stainless steel.